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Excerpt from the Book

A word before...

Creating these stories and devotions over the past 10 years of ministry to the elderly has been my joy. I have met some of the most courageous and amaz­ing individuals, and I have grown and been chal­lenged as a result of their wisdom and strength. I have also shared in their suffering and sorrows, which as heartbreaking as that often is, has given me a greater appreciation for life and what is most important in it.

Some of these stories are lighthearted, while others deal with more painful subjects, but in them all, one thing is constant … the message of hope that is pro­vided through the love and grace Jesus Christ.

It is my prayer that the Lord would continue to min­ister through these words to those who need his encouragement, and that each of his promises would bring comfort, peace and life…especially in the last season.

Rest in His overwhelming love for you...
Diane Doering May 2009